December 07, 2007

Matchbox Drawers

Okay here is an OTP project I made as a Christmas gift for a friend... I must admit though it is not an original idea of mine - I have just altered it to suit my needs.

* 8 Matchboxes (or how ever many levels you wish)- I just used the cheap ones from Woolworths
* Paint
* 2 Peices of Cardstock 9.5cm x9.5cm
* 3 Themed Patterned Papers - I used the Kaiser Christmas range
* Bling Brads
* Embellishments - Ribbon, Flowers, Stickers, Stamps etc

1. Remove matches from boxes
2. Paint inside & outside of boxes
3. Stick stips of PP (5cmx1.5cm) on one of the long sides of the matchboxes. You may choose to use 2 different PP for this as I have.
4. Arrange and adhere matchboxes in the following way to a peice of cardstock. Your cardstock may need trimming if you want it to sit flush against the matchboxes.
5. Adhere next layer on top of existing matchboxes like so

6. Fix Bling Brads onto drawers of Matchbox to use as handles
7. Stick another peice of cardstock on top of Matchbox (see step 4) and embellish as desired
8. Your Xmas Drawers are now finished
I hope these instruction made sense and that you have as much fun making it as I did.

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Susan said...

Hi Bronwyn. I followed this link from the Scrachat forum.

What a fabulous gift idea this is! Thanks so much for the instructions. They look easy to follow.