February 01, 2008

3 Little Ducks

On Sunday I noticed one of our cats had caught something and on closer inspection I noticed it was a baby duck. I thought the little guy would be done for but I still went to see if I could save him and luckily the cat dropped him and I scooped the little guy up. I went to our Garage to get a container to put him in when I heard more chirping - and low and behold I found another two baby ducks.

I'm guessing the little guys walked to the Garage from our Dam which for the size of them was no mean feet. The cat must have thought it was his Birthday as the little fellas walked right up to the chair he sleeps on in the Garage.
Anyway I put some water in 2 old cat bowls (and of course they all had to fit in the littlest one lol)and gave them some food. I made sure the one that the cat got was alright before placing them back in the dam where Mum later found them I'm happy to say.

Here are 2 more Button Fairies a friend made - they are just too cute

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scrapwitch said...

omg...those butons are freaking AWESOMEbron....awesaome...please show case them on sm...please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!