May 11, 2008

Tag Your're It - Week 6

Here is my entry for this week:

Black and Gold

The black background is actually painted with Jo Sonja's gold dust, but the scan didn't pick it up very well... Also in the bottom right hand corner is a large gold heart shaped brad.

I have taken some photos of the tag to show the detail better:


Anne said...

What a minx!! Those legs look just like mine!! (in my dreams!!!! LOL!!. Fab tag - you could use this on a card front! Wish I could see the gold brad. I've never used Jo Sonja's gold dust but it looks gorgeous! Thank You so much once more for taking up the challenge! ;o) xx

Sam Morris said...

Gorgeous and shimmery and lol @ Anne's "minx" though it's the perfect word! Great tag, thanks so much for taking part again :)

Sharon said...

Oh yes, Anne is quite right ... she's definitely a minx, lol.

I really love the background too! Fabulous! :)