January 01, 2008


Well another year has come and gone :) I can't say 2007 was the best year ever, but it certainly wasn't the worst. I sincerly hope that 2008 is good to me & those who I love and cherish
I don't make new years Resolutions as I know I never keep them but I am vowing to accomplish certain things this year:
1. Do more scrapbooking - instead of just buying lots of stuff.
2. Lose some more weight - last year I dropped 5 kilos (I know its not much but at least I didn't put it on)
3. Try and find a better paying job ( I mean I luv the one I am doing but I need to start earning some decent money and get some savings).
4. Try not be so down on myself. 2007 wasn't a good year for me I fluctuated up & down so badly with my depression.

Here is my attempt at making a Birdhouse as seen on the SM FOrum:) The template can be found at http://www.hinkeltje.com/templates/template_vogelhuisje.gif
I increased the size of the template.


Lexie said...

I love the bird house!!!!

Happy New Year Bron.

Also I have tagged you please check out my blog.

ann_dee78 said...

love the bird house!!